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Depositor Solutions Belmixing Bowl Lift Volumetric Filler, Depositor and Decorator

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Depositor Solutions Beldos Bel Mixing Bowl Volumetric depositor and filler

Depositor Solutions Belmixing Bowl Lift Volumetric Filler, Depositor and Decorator

Depositor Solutions offer the range of equipment manufactured in Belgium by Beldos, with over twenty five years of design and application experience within many bakery, ready meal and dessert process factories across the globe.

The equipment from Beldos is designed with the end user to the fore, simple to use, clean and maintain and all off the shelf, including a large range of application nozzles, fittings to ensure your application is optimised.

Exclusive from Beldos is the Belmixing Bowl Lift volumetric filler Belmixing Bowl Lift.  The Belmixing Bowl Lift range now includes; Mobile frame with pneumatic rise and fall lift system to enable the user to take product directly from floor level mixing bowl. Flexibility, ease of use and product handling simplicity, reducing product changeover, cleaning and no transfer to bring efficient and cost saving depositing to your production environment. Deposit range from 50ml to 600ml, or, 50ml to 1050ml, the Belmixing Bowl offers a range of depositor weights to suit a wide range of applications and provide optimum throughput rates and efficiency. Full stainless Steel manufacture for increased durability within the working environments of a process line, kitchen or bakery. Improved clean down suitability that being constructed of stainless steel is recognised as bringing to any production process environment.

Available from Depositor Solutions are a range of equipment options to provide efficient and easy to use solutions for an ever increasing variety of applications.

Handheld Nozzle control to ensure the final product is deposited cleanly and accurately to your specifications, whether for a decorated, or, patterned finish to even spread finishes, the Belmixing Bowl has options to meet your requirements. Fixed position pipework to nozzle are available to improve the throughput capacity of your Belmixing Bowl, offering flexibility of product direct from mixing bowl to fixed position over line to ensure consistent and accurate deposits every time. Products – Bakery, Cake batters, jams and preserves, Creams, Pastes, Sauces, Ready Meals, Curds, Mayonnaise, liquids and aerated products for Food Processing Allied to the basic efficiency and functionality that Belmixing Bowl Lift can bring to a process; Compact – Flexibility – Easy to Use – Low cost of ownership.  Depositor Solutions have the Belmixing Bowl Lift available to demonstrate and trial with your products within your environment, or, at our test kitchen in Cornwall. Alongside the various options the Belmixing Bowl provides, there is available from Depositor Solutions a comprehensive range of pneumatic and servo depositor solutions for all levels of processor requirement.

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