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Depositor Solutions DS Plc Servo depositors and fillers

Depositor Solutions servo plc depositors provide a level of volumetric filling for process that is unrivalled and an efficient, economical addition to your factory process.

Solutions available for bout wet and dry product volumetric filling, suitable for the ready meal, dessert, bakery, snack food food manufacturing industry.

  1. Plc Servo control via HMI for recipe control and ease of use
  2. Servo piston actuation requires less air – see below – for running cost saving and overall environmental impact
  3. High torque servo driven piston means the depositor will handle a large array of viscosity products at 25mm, 50mm bores to ensure maximised inclusion throughput
  4. Single block, three way front valve block and rotary valve sealed either end and requires no moving seals, reducing wear and loss of performance over time
  5. Unique approach to hygienic depositor design with six static o rings and two seals per piston only for fast and clean changeover
  6. Plc Servo control of depositor three axis – product piston, front rotary valve and nozzle outlet mean we can control the volume of product at three stages of it’s movement through to delivery. Allows the depositor to deliver accurate deposits and for different viscosity products, we can Introduce easily suck back and over stroke (bring more in from the hopper than you push out) to ensure extremely accurate final weight delivery.
  7. We can offer a single foot print depositor and transfer pump system for very real factory process savings


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Depositor Solutions wet product volumetric depositor and filler for the food industry

Depositor Solutions dry product volumetric filler and doser for the food industry

Depositor Solutions wet and dry product volumetric fillers for the food industry

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