Depositor Solutions provide professional advice drawn from over twenty years of process application experience and knowledge gained within both the service and sales operations of major food process equipment suppliers.


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Depositor Solutions offer the Mac Pan range of mixers, dividers and bakery solutions

Designed and manufactured in Italy for over 35 years, solutions for the process looking for efficiency, accuracy and ease of use, allied to low cost of ownership

Comprehensive range of bakery equipment for all levels of process, from single installation to complete line process solutions for the production of bread, baguette and pastry


Count on MACPAN for a great machines selection able to meet and exceed your expectations.

No matter what you’re creating, MACPAN offers versatile machines that will provide you with a great return on investment.


In addition to providing new equipment, we also offer trade-in services in some instances.

We will do whatever is necessary to replace old equipment with newer, safer, and lower cost of ownership equipment.


Your partnership with MACPAN doesn’t end with installation. We stand behind our products and are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive service and support.

From replacement parts to maintenance and guidance, rely on MACPAN to deliver anything you need to keep your business efficient and your products consistent.


In order to keep your business running smoothly, you need to be sure that our products will serve you well. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from thinking you’ve made the right decision. Send us your ingredients or join us right here at MACPAN to find out for yourself that our solutions will get you the results you need. We have decades of experience in order to help our clients bring new products to market and continually raise the bar.


We know how stressful starting a new business or new location can be. As such, we offer full build-out services that begin from the initial concept and follow through to opening day.

From aiding in selecting potential locations to finalizing the CAD designed layout of your new business, we have everything handled for every step of the way. We work direct with consultants and contractors to ensure the entire process remains as smooth as can be.


MAC PAN puts forward its experience in selecting complementary machines in order to make the customer comfortable with an optimal solution. MAC PAN handles complete interaction between the various machines in order to supply a perfectly operating and synchronized plant. If technological support is needed to develop new products or to improve on existing recipes, MAC PAN can provide the customer with a specialized food technologist, high of his experience on the field.


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