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Belvario 1340 Depositor

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Belvario 1340 Depositor

The Belvario, with manual adjust hopper height for ease of product loading, offers a unique solution for applications where simplicity, accuracy ease of use and a very low cost of ownership are paramount.

Compact, manoeuvrable, easy  to adjust speed and weight for accurate portioning across a wide range of process applications, ensuring accurate portioning, for maximised return.

Quick changeover and assembly, no tooling required, mean that the process is not compromised between product changeovers and clean down times, ensuring the Belvario maximises it’s up time for profitability and payback.

Suitable for sandwich fillings, cup cakes, muffins, pastry, injecting, brownie, tray bakes, ice creams, dairy products, jams, marinades, icing, decorating, condiments, dressings, ready meals, sauces, preserves, nut butters and pastes


Design Features;

  • Stainless Steel construction for durability and clean process standards
  • Tool free assembly for ease of changeover and cleaning
  • Rise and Fall hopper height for ease of filling
  • Weights from 5 – 1340ml