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Belsyrup Spraying System

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Belsyrup Spraying System

Suitable for vacuum spraying and glaze finish round, or, rectangular cakes up to 60cm wide, the Belsyrup is easy to use, efficient and very accurate to minimise overspray waste.


Designed for easy clean down and touch screen set up, height adjustable and coverage nozzles, the Belsyrup is made to enhance any busy cake finishing process, reducing labour costs and improving throughput to maximise operational profitability.

Ergonomically designed for sinlge user feed in, return feed out, hand held operation, or, in line with suitable product transfer.


Design Features;

  • Stainless Steel construction for durability and clean process standards
  • Tool free assembly for ease of changeover and cleaning
  • Various adjustments to suit product heights, weights and throughput speeds to enhance any process