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Depositor Solutions DS Transfer Pump

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Depositor Solutions DS Transfer Pump

Depositor Solutions DS range of depositors, fillers, dry product portion dosers, transfer pumps and check weigh,  in house design and unique approach to the overall design of the transfer pump and the operational opportunity presented for extra process savings, providing each application with an efficient, pro active depositor solution. Suitable for a large range of products such as ready meals, bakery, desserts, dairy, sauces, snacks, pet foods, cosmetics




Simple design, fixed piston barrel, simple piston design with minimal seal and parts removal for ease of assembly to ensure minimised off line time to maximise on line uptime to maximise return on investment.

The DS Transfer pump technology provides the user with efficient product transfer of smooth pastes, batters, sauces and large particulate, inclusions will not be damaged during transfer maintaining the product integrity and aerated products are transferred efficiently.

Modular design solutions offer a range of options for single foot print transfer pump.

Safety is paramount in design, use of RFID sensors, interlock system and CE marking provide a safe working machine for the user = minimalised online user risk for increased up time.